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Exotic Firearms Red White And Boom - 37mm Fireworks Kits.

Exotic Firearms Red White And BoomKits For the Nemesis 37mm Launcher.

Exotic Firearms Multiple Effect Projectile Part One - 37mm Tutorial.

Babes 'n Bullets: What more could you need?

Exotic Firearms: Guns and Girls.

Ladies 'n Launchers!

37mm Nemesis Gen2 - Exotic Firearms - Showroom Video.

Red, White, & Boom! A 4th of July to remember-Exotic Firearms-37mm Launcher.

Red, White, & Boom kits now available! Exotic Firearms-37mm Launcher.

37mm Ammo with a BANG: Exotic Firearms - 37mm Launcher.

Red, White, and BOOM Kits by Exotic Firearms for 37mm Launchers.

Hobbs the Band Hangs with Exotic Firearms - 37mm Launcher.

Carving pumpkins has never been so fun!

Welcome to Exotic Firearm's 37mm launcher Red, White, and BOOM! sale. Grab a set of your own 37mm ammo soon and go Red, White, and BOOM!

Our 37mm ammo instructional videos help you hurry up and get out there using your 37mm launcher.

The 37mm ammo Deluxe Starter Kit offers everything you need to get started.

Exotic Redheads and 37mm projectiles from our 37mm launcher and more. Check it out.

We like our .22lr tracer rounds just as much as our 37mm launchers

37mm ammo and .22lr tracer rounds at night. Need we say more?

Our 37mm Red Star Clusters are just plain fun.

37mm launchers and some snow - Good Times.

Our 37mm Bird Bangers pack a serious punch.

Using our .22lr tracers at night is the best.

We love using the 37mm launcher range to shoot our .22lr tracers.

Involving everybody at the 37mm range.

Having fun with our 37mm launcher first timers.

Sending out the 37mm small smoke round.

Round 1 with the 37mm launcher bird banger.

And round 2.

Fireworks session with the 37mm launcher.

Launching 37mm ammo with fireworks during the day.

More 37mm fireworks.

Another day at the range.

Exotic firearms projectile instructions for the 37mm launcher.

Firework projectile instructional video.

How to construct your own 37mm Bird Bangers.

Watch here to build your own 37mm star cluster projectiles.