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As most people are aware, 37mm launchers are legally defined as signaling devices, or flare launchers.  These launchers can be used for many fun applications that are perfectly legal, such as firework type signaling rounds or wildlife deterrent rounds.  

What 37mm launchers are not supposed to be used for is anti-personnel type rounds unless they are registered in advance as a destructive device.  When a 37mm launcher is registered as a destructive device, it can be called a grenade launcher and because the proper laws and regulations have been followed.  

Why register a 37mm launcher?  The first reason to register your 37mm is to remove the question of “is this round going to get me in trouble if I make it?” Once you register it, you no longer need to worry about that.  The second reason to register your 37mm launcher is that you can now make really fun rounds that make bigger and louder effects without getting in trouble.  The third reason is if you wanted to use it as a 37mm anti-personnel device then to be able to do it without big brother coming down on you then it is a must.  

The last reason is money. 37mm launchers registered as destructive devices are far less expensive than their 40mm brothers.  Roughly two thirds of 40mm rounds are defined as destructive devices, requiring a 200 dollar tax stamp for each.  With the 37mm platform the only round type that requires registration is a high explosive type round.  Additionally, with high explosive rounds you can register a casing as reloadable and only register and pay the tax once.  This is one of the big benefits of using one of our 37mm aluminum casings.  These 37mm casings are designed to last indefinitely compared to the 40mm brass casings which at most you will get only 4 to 5 uses safely.  

In short, by registering your 37mm launcher you open up a lot of possibilities for fun and practical applications.  The 37mm platform has all the same capabilities as the 40 once registered, there are more parts and pieces manufactured for the 37mm, and it drastically costs less than the 40mm.  

Written by Ryan Fisher — May 20, 2013


Don Johnson:

How do I register my launcher

February 17 2014 at 08:02 PM


What form do you used to register a 37mm to a DD?

February 04 2016 at 12:02 AM

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