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It's a FREE SHIPPING WEEKEND at Exotic Firearms! Just use the code 37mmreloading on the site for orders over $50. Friday through Sunday! 

So to celebrate, we're giving you feature ideas for your 37mm loading accessories: 

1. 37mm Gifts

Everyone's got a 37mm reloading fan in their family. Take advantage of an Exotic Firearms Free Shipping Weekend by getting a birthday/ anniversary/ just because gift for that special someone and a little something for yourself. 

2. 37mm Bird Dog Training 

Exotic Firearms trains your bird dog! Our 37mm bird dog training projectiles accurately simulate the hunting experience. The bird or gun dog hears the report and a scented projectile falls from the sky. 

3. A 37mm 4th of July! 

Yep, you can start stocking up for 4th of July. Grab up our 37mm fireworks kits and 37mm projectiles to light up the sky. 

Written by Ryan Fisher — April 15, 2014

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